The Usual Suspects Meet Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Caravaggio
    (Dexter Fletcher played young Caravaggio, directed by Derek Jarman)
    Dexter Fletcher how he ended up replacing Bryan Singer here

    Fletcher replaced Singer in the Freddie Mercury biopic last December, after Singer became ‘unavailable’ following reports of major clashes with Rami.

    The Rocketman by Dexter Fletcher (Hollywood reporter, see a trailer)

  • The Usual S.

    The Usual Suspects , (Me Too are after both Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer. )

    Bryan Singer described the film The Usual Suspects as Double Indemnity meets Rashomon, and said that it was made “so you can go back and see all sorts of things you didn’t realize were there the first time. You can get it a second time in a way you never could have the first time around.”[16] He also compared the film’s structure to Citizen Kane (which also contained an interrogator and a subject who is telling a story) and the criminal caper The Anderson Tapes.[12]

    Gabriel Byrne Homepage (Who just had a birthday celebration on May 12.. also a link to his saying goodbye to Albert Finney who starred with him in Miller’s Crossing.)

    Mr. Kobayshi or Peter Postlethwaite here .