Collaboration of the Century in Paris – Trisha Brown – Czeslow Milosz – Laurie Anderson

Trisha Brown
“Last Friday, in the first of 11 performances through Dec. 31, “O zlozony/O composite” was given an enthusiastic reception. One Paris critic described it as “a major work.” Brigitte Lefèvre, director of the opera ballet said the audience responded with “a wave of love”.

she developed an alphabet – literally A to Z – of “simple and pure gestures, reminiscent of the ballet lexicon.” These were then organized into sequences by using two poems, St. Vincent Millay’s “Renascence” and Milosz’s “Ode to a Bird”, which serve as kinds of librettos for movement, although not as narratives.

The title of the piece is taken from Milosz’s poem, which begins in its English translation with “O composite,/O unconscious.” The poem, recited in a sensual voice in Polish, is also integrated into Ms. Anderson’s haunting score. And a bird is even suggested in the choreography.”
( Nytimes /Arts- Dec.23/2004)

Trisha Brown recieved the highest cultural award from France. (Dec17, 2004)

Trish and Laurie having collaobrated before, the two have been making history for the quarter of century.

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