The Best of Youth in Olympics Torino 2006

Before the Olympics, before Fiat, Turin’s claim to fame was (it’s true) film.
“Turin for a long time was a city of immigrants, when people from all over Italy arrived to work for Fiat,” Ponti said. “In the last several years, Turin has really been challenged. It’s not anymore a factory-oriented city, so we had to develop something else. There was a huge crisis of unemployment, so the goal of the filmmakers has been to tell about this change”
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The “Best of Youth” (“La Meglio Gioventu”) is a six-hour epic now out on DVD that looks at contemporary Italy through a family’s personal story, starting in the late 1960s, focusing on labor turmoil, the violent Red Brigades and a psychiatrist’s life in Turin.
(Hope to see this film soon.)

Photo sample A

Photo sample B
Another fun image from the opening ceremony shown below.
The best of young ninja climbing up and down and eventually forming themselves into the dove image of peace.

Olympic Ninja

Michelle Kwan not so youthful and heavily endorsed has been providing faux news for the Corporate media. No longer a role model for sportsmanship she now faces the reality of competition too late for a graceful exit.
As of now we now await for her decision to withdraw.

Yagoogle Olympia 2006 – Torino Italy
Olympics 06
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Russia’s Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marin lead in the figure skating after a dazzling short program, from this page and find the picture 13 . They were brilliant, almost perfect.
Inoue and Baldwin landed first throw triple axel in Olympic history – more here.