RIP Becher and Immendorff

Two post war German artists died a month apart. Bernd Becher pioneered conceptual photography. While Becher was cool, Jorg Immendorff, was hot, angry and acted out in the form of protests and performances with his works.
Bernd Becher Photography

Bernd Becher, known with his wife, Hilla, for photographing relics of industry in the changing urban landscapes of late-20th-century Europe and the United States, died on Friday in Rostock, Germany. He was 75.

His influence as a teacher is measured by the success of well-known students like Andreas Gursky, Candida Hofer, Thomas Ruff and Mr. Struth.
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Andreas Gursky: In memory of Bernd Becher, a much loved and respected teacher and friend

More photos here and here.

Jörg Immendorff, artist, born June 14 1945; died May 28 2007

Der Weg den wir malen müssen (Title of the painting below)

Jorg Immendorff painting

Jörg Immendorff
Neo-expressionist German artist through whose work ran a serious political thread (Guardian)

Marcel’s Salvation (Must see this!)

Towards the back of the scene lies a brighter framed image: this is no ordinary lounge, but a private celebrity chamber of Café Deutschland. Figured with his favourite cigars and chessboard, and tuxedoed waiter bringing tipple, Duchamp accepts a light from the always hatted Joseph Beuys.
Seeming to wallow in his own chain-smoking reclusiveness, Immendorff renders Duchamp as a rat-packish figure from another era. High class tinged with sadness, he cuts through with an energetic doodle of slapstick zaniness.

“I wanted to be an artist” by James Rosenthal (Artcritical)

Jorg Immendorff painting Brrr (Title of the painting)