Rogue Film Notes

An ordinary Frenchman was picked up as a rogue trader last week.
Was it his fault the market crashed?

(Rogue Trader was a very good film set in Singapore and one of Ewan’s best performances to date).

Banker’s Chutzpah via Truthdig commenter.

This article is about Nick Leesen who single handedly brought down Barings Bank. (The real life character Ewan played brilliantly in the Rogue Trader)

Lumière and Company – Claude Miller

– Lumière and Company (1995, original title “Lumière et Cie”) was a collaboration between 41 international film directors in which each made a short film using the original Cinématographe camera invented by the Lumière brothers.
Shorts were edited in-camera and abided by three rules: A short may be no longer than 52 seconds; No synchronized sound; No more than three takes.

Claude Miller‘s ‘Un Secret’: A Jewish history lost and found in France

‘Un Secret,” a movie about ordinary Jewish people in extraordinarily savage times, is a current success with French moviegoers, and Claude Miller, who adapted the film from Philippe Grimbert’s eponymous novel, is surprised.

Claude Miller made a splash long ago with “The Best Way to Walk”, worked closely with Francois Truffaut in his early years.