Figure Skating 2008 World Championships

This was the most satisfying and fantastic men’s competition we have ever seen. Two artistic skaters were rewarded with gold and bronze and an athlete came back to sneak in to take the silver.
Jeffery Buttle – Gold

Buttle followed up Jourbet’s spectacular skating with this beautiful and flawless performance that beat Jourbet. (Ararat was from a film by Atom Egoyan)

See also Buttle’s short program on youtube. (Music by Astor Piazzolla, choreographed by David Wilson)

Brian Jourbet – Silver

Brian Jourbet performed brilliantly with great power. He has improved in many areas. Kurt Browning helped him with his footwork.

Johnny Weir- Bronze (Short program – he placed second)

Johnny skated conservatively in his long program for the worlds. He was very honest, saying that he had a Michelle Kwan moment referring to the time Kwan lost the gold to Tara Lapinsiki in the Olympics,’
(Here is a clip of his long program from the Nationals.)