Bitter Tears

Dance with Petra (The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Klant by Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

The Bitter Tears of Petra Van Kant is about one of the pet themes of Fassbinder which he referred to as “Fascism of everyday life”. Here Fassbinder paints a bleak picture of life, where every relationship is inherently manipulative and our ‘potential use’ is our only worth, sooner and later we realize that not only we are used by someone, but we also use others from time to time in the name of noblest emotions of love and friendship. (via)

Petra’s nervous hysterics mask the same kind of character found in most of Fassbinder’s films — someone desperate for love. At the same time, her antics are juvenile and faintly ridiculous, the foolish tantrums of a child used to getting her own way. (via)

At least Fassbinder knew that Petra Von Kant was him, self knowledge, alas, that is lacking in Hillary. She is keeping us entertained even if a little sadly.

Learn German with Petra (a found spoof on youtube)

Learn wedge issues with Hillary, her memory is very sharp.

Danke Hillary for bringing us back Petra Von Kant. Bitte schön or bitter emotion.

Bitter Melon wedge is good for health.

“A “bitter Gourd face” (苦瓜臉) is a common Chinese description for a serious or sad face.

Update: a good collection of cartoons on Bitter and Elitist here.

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