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Dotdude Brick Installation – Vitro Nasu

Dotdude Brick Installation

Dotdude mtremove1
Dotdude from San Francisco is removing Fung Lin’s brick installation piece by piece.

Classy Teutonic line up of bricks mtsarc1

Mostly done, Dotdude surveying the bricks to get a perspective.

Three or four days later I received this email from Jurgen from San Francisco.

the Hohokam renga installation figure in the center reminds of dotdude, i didn’t think of it while doing it. i guess the spirits of the south mountain park indians were speaking to me. was fun to play.

Magritte Owl rengamagritte

Renga A Renga (れんが – renga – 煉瓦 – a brick )
Renga has two meanings in Japanese. One is brick and another with different characters but the same sound means collaborative poetry.


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