Yuichi Hibi – Film Noir & Neco

Drinkers yuichi-hibi
Yakitori sign on the noren.
This image seems to be straight out of an Ozu film (see his posters and signs on youtube). Ozu films are more family and tradition than film noir, but Ozu’s sense of isolation and melancholy feelings are there in Hibi’s photographs as well.

Reveling in the Dark (NYtimes slideshow)

For him, the city was bleak, grimy and alienating, the New York of “Taxi Driver” and “Midnight Cowboy,” gritty films he had watched as a teenager in Japan. (NYtimes)

Photographer Yuichi Hibi’s new monograph Neco published by Nazraeli Press, offers a look into the life of cats, exploring the meaning of existence.(via – with 3 Neco photographs)

From Monograph Neco hibineko

Born in Nagoya, Japan in 1964, Yuichi Hibi trained as an actor and filmmaker, achieving success in a broad range of film and theater productions before moving to New York in 1988.(via)

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Yuichi Hibi includes his own calligraphy in his books and photographs.
His name in Japanese on the right and charcters Konseki means traces.

Yuichi Hibi’s exhibiton is at Michael Dawson Gallery till May.