Marina Full of Grace

Amir Baradaran – Behind Canvas Act II

Amir Baradaran Dear Marina, do you accept this marriage?

Amir Baradaran third act

How Marina Abramovic’s Red-Velvet Rope at MoMA Works

The line to sit opposite Marina Abramovic in the atrium at MoMA has become as much a part of her performance as the artist herself. A slew of celebrities, including James Franco, Rufus Wainwright, and Björk, have shown up, one guy has visited fourteen times, and waits as long as eight hours have been recorded. (As to how Abramovic pees, her assistant swears she holds it in.)

Here is a mystery man in tears, a frequent visitor – 14 times in all.

Women in Veil 33 min.

List of celebrities from Flickr file..(looked for Christopher Walken but not found – he was rumored to be in Day 33)
Alan Rickman 9 min.

Isabelle Huppert 16 min.

Christian Amapour 2 min

Arthur Danto 10 min (He was wheeled out, Marina did not restore his legs)

With Bjork having a telephathic conversation

More list of celebrities here.

The Artist as a Museum Piece by John Haber

When performance art becomes a museum piece, is it still performance? Marina Abramovic aims for grandeur but has me wondering.

Artist in green marinafamily08 uniform and little girls with weapons but no shoes.
2008 Florence Biennale