Raoul de Keyser R.I.P

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    Pascal Blanchard posted a sad news of Raoul de Keyser‘s passing on Facebook.

    Raoul de Keyser was 82 – (- a painter of modest, mysterious abstraction via Gallerist)

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    Title: Come On, Play It Again Number 4 (Image via)

    More paintings on Artnet

    Chris Ashley

    Belgian artist Raoul de Keyser (born 1930) is someone whose work one doesn’t often get to see in the US, especially on the West Coast, but I have been fortuntate to see some of his work and I’ve also read a great deal about him. His work interests me because he doesn’t seem wedded to a particular style other than making what one would call “abstract” images while still referencing real things. His subject matter has personal origins without being hermetic or self-centered, he works in series or small bodies of work, and he has a sense of scale about his overall project: he doesn’t make large paintings for the just sake of making large paintings, and there is a kind of self knowledge, modesty, and openness in his work. Much of what I wrote here could apply to another painter I follow, Thomas Nozkowski. Three other people I’ll name whose work shares some of these qualities and who I will always go see are Mary Heilmann, Pat Steir, and Louise Fishman, all painters.(via Thinkin about art)

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