Eccentric Filmmakers – Kaurismaki & Waters

  • Le Havre trailer (Aki has no hope for the humankind so he makes a delightful film full of hope and goodness)

    Aki’s loving tribute to Ozu Yasujiro (youtube – a great video)
    (Ozu Yasujiro Archive here)

    His top ten films (Saw Casque d’Or recently becuase of his recommendation)

    Seven rounds with Aki Kaurismäki via Guardian

    He thinks his own films are dreadful, Scorsese’s worse, and despairs of mankind in general. Director Aki Kaurismäki on why only love, mushrooms and drinking on set keep him going

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  • Despite report John Water not dead..

    A website called National Report published a would-be obituary for Waters on Wednesday, with the headline: “Acclaimed Cult Filmmaker, John Waters … Drops Dead at 67!”

    It’s Alive (youtube)