Rigorous, Challenging & Enigmatic filmmaker Jacques Rivette dies at 87

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    Jacques Rivette Enigmatic French New Wave Director, Dies at 87

  • “Cocteau is someone who has made such a profound impression on me that there’s no doubt he’s influenced every one of my films.”

    “I reject the word ‘script’ entirely-at any rate in the usual sense. I prefer the old usage-usually scenario-which it had in the Commedia dell’Arte, meaning an outline or scheme: it implies a dynamism, a number of ideas and principles from which one can set out to find the best possible approach to filming.”

    Jacques Rivette -Order of the Exile Concerning the Films of Jacques Rivette

    Senses of Cinema – Jacques Rivette

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    (Claire Denis filming Jacques Rivette)

    Interview on (Youtube)

  • Jean Luc Godard(Paris Nous Appartient – youtube)

    1960 film Paris Nous Appartient (youtube)

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    Jacques Rivette Unconventional, Rigorous and Challenging (preivous post)

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    Jean Pierre Leaud and Eric Rohmer – OUT 1: NOLI ME TANGERE. Jacques RIVETTE, Suzanne SCHIFFMAN. 1971


  • (“La Religieuse” Anna Karina – based on Diderot )