Adieu Stéphane Audran, from Mistress to Barbette & Winning Bafta & Cesar awards Dies at 85

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    Via Wiki Feet (Les Noces rouges Year -Claude Chabrol)
    Michel Piccoli and Audran directed by Buniel
    NYtimes obit

    Guardian Obit

    Of all the director-and-star couples in the history of cinema, there was none more prolific than Claude Chabrol and Stéphane Audran, who made 23 films together.

    On the Set of "Coup de Torchon"
    Noiret and Audran from Coup de Torchon directed by Bertrand Tavernier.

    Washington Post obit

    Ms. Audran and Chabrol divorced in 1980 — he later said that he “found myself becoming more interested in her as an actress than a wife” — and she remained an important supporting player in several of his films, notably as an alcoholic in “Betty” (1992).

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    Alexandre Stewart, Audran, Christa and Samantha Fuller.