The Rider is my favorite film directed by Chloe Zhao

  • (Chloe Zhao and Brady Jandreau)

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  • How, horse, actors, six man crew Chloe Zhao made Rider (Film Independent blog)

  • Happy birthday Chloe Zhao !

    In 2017, Zhao directed The Rider, a contemporary western drama, which follows a young cowboy’s journey to self-discovery after a near-fatal accident ends his professional riding career.[38] The film was executive produced by her father, Yuji Zhao.[39] As with her first feature, Zhao engaged a cast of non-actors who lived at the filming location, in this case on a ranch.[40] Her inspiration came from Brady Jandreau—a cowboy she had met and befriended on the reservation where she shot her first film—who suffered a severe head injury when thrown from his horse during a rodeo competition.[41] Jandreau would star in the film, playing a fictionalized version of himself as Brady Blackburn

    Zhao now resides in the Topatopa Mountains in Ojai, California with three chickens, Red, Cebe, and Lucille and two dogs, Taco and Rooster[81] and her partner and cinematographer, Joshua James Richards.[11] Richards and Zhao met while Zhao was researching for her first feature film Songs My Brother Taught Me and Richards was still a film student at NYU. He has been her cinematographer for her next two films and served as camera operator on Marvel’s Eternals.