Happy Lunar Dog Year -2006

Spike Spike New Year 2006 celebrates New Year at Googleland and elsewhere (more great photos).

Received this greeting from Hal and Masayo earlier this year.
Contact Ed Ruscha, his dog is waiting in the field.

Dog Days means:
“The ancient Romans noticed that the hottest days of the year, i.e. in late July and early August, co-incided with the Dog Star (aka Sirius, aka The Great Dog) being in the same part of the sky as the Sun. They thought the star contributed to the heat of the day.”

Dog’s Breakfast?

Two famous dogs from past were indexed at wikipedia, meet Hachiko and GreyFriars Bobby.

(Hachiko’s statue is located at Shibuya where I grew up.
My mother moved us to Shibuya when I was a teenager. Here is a photo of Shibuya with Neon Buddha image on the building.)

See or read My life as a Dog and learn about Ingemar’s love for Sickan and the story of Laika, the Russian astro dog who went into the Space.

Vitro Nasu google digital celebration takes place at night. It is more logical to see fireworks at night and besides we get there after google.
After Mozart celebration two days ago, we will have to reconsider this practice of copying google celebration images. It does get boring or contentious.
google tienamen (via wealthbondage)