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Joe Strummer by Masayoshi Sukita and Haruki Murakami Library

Friday, December 23rd, 2022
  • Joe Strummer
    (Photo of Joe Strummer by Masayoshi Sukita)
    Thanks to Actor/Photographer Masatoshi Nagase who posted this on FB (Dec 23, 2022).

  • (Yoko Ogawa and Haruki Murakami)
    Murakami adds voice to his work in reading with Yoko Ogawa

  • See a film based on Yoko Ogawa – Professor and his beloved equation

  • Murakami Library from Asahi Shinbun

    AUTHORS ALIVE!: Murakami spins best of Stan Getz while he talks about jazz great

  • (3 books by Haruki Murakami Photo by Fung Lin Hall)
    On the right:
    Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage
    Left bottom
    Haruki Murakami, Illustration by Anzai Mizumaru
    Haruki Murakami Usagi Oishi Furansujin 1st Edition Mizumaru Anzai
    The Top : The Scrap – 1980 Nostalgia.

  • Hal Lum

    Sunday, June 10th, 2007

    Hal Lum Painting Diver
    (Courtesy of Honolulu Academy of Arts)

    Congratulation to Hal Lum!
    “Diver” by Hal Lum, took the Cynthia Ayre Award at Artists of Hawaii 2007.

    A UCLA professor sizes up Hawaii’s best art of the year by Joleen Oshiro. (Star Bulletin) and page two here.

    Previous posts on Hal Lum include his photo of poet Linda Gregg and his painting.

    We Are Not Afraid Hal & Masayo
    Hal and Masayo posed for Les Levine.

    Hal, Masayo and Paul Weitz by Fung Lin Hall
    Hal, Masayo and Paul Weitz, this one is by me.
    On the wall is Hal’s painting. (Paul Weitz directed “About A Boy” and other popular movies today but we knew him as a playwright in the early 90’s.)

    Sorry Hal I don’t have your recent photo. But I like these old photos.

    Hal Lum Exhibit + Arthur Miller RIP

    Friday, February 11th, 2005

    Buffalo by Hal Lum

    Hal Lum is showing his paintings/drawings at First Hawaiian Center in Honolulu. The exhibit continues to May 3, 2005. “Hal Lum’s whimsical and often organic compositions in brilliant colors reflect his delight in discovery of new places, people, and experiences.”
    Hal is a Monkey Gemini and his works represent the spirit of curious and fun nature. Hal I assume is more like Paul Gauguin than Marquis de Sade. Only Masayo who photographed his work and posed for the photo knows the secret.
    This morning Hal and I have exchanged a number of emails talking about the passing of a great playwright Arthur Miller.
    Just the other day I found out that Catherine Deneuve’s favorite actress is Marilyn Monroe and she mentioned specifically Marilyn in the Misfits. Catherine Deneuve, though mentally tough and had much better childhood experience than Marilyn must know something about the burden of being a sex symbol for the world. Miller-Monroe union and the subsquent breakup was part of important moments in the history of American culture, vis-a-vis of merging of high and low culture, creative collaboration, fame, glamour, political witchhunt, about integrity and authenticity. It is interesting to note that Miller’s daughter Rebecca Miller has become a filmmaker and her incredibly talented husband Daniel Day Lewis has become a supportive husband to her creative work by appearing in her small independent film. They seem to have been spared from the pain and turmoil that Marilyn and Miller have suffered.
    Came across this fun article by Miller on his visit to Cuba, writing about Fidel Castro.

    From Village Voice, a tribute by Michael Feingold is here.
    A tribute from Harold Pinter is here.

    R.I.P Yuri Kochiyama – A Human Rights Activist

    Monday, June 2nd, 2014
  • Yuri Kochiyama dies: activist got reparations for interned Japanese (Sfgate)

    Yuri Kochiyama, whose activism led to reparations for Japanese interned during World War II, and who cradled Malcolm X’s head as he lay dying from an assassin’s bullets, died in her sleep Sunday in her Berkeley home. She was 93.

    Yuri’s wiki

    After the war, Kochiyama moved to New York. She began her activist career in the vibrant Black movement in Harlem in the 1960s, where she met Malcolm X, who inspired her radical political development and the ensuing four decades of incessant work for Black liberation, Asian American equality, Puerto Rican independence, and political prisoner defense. Kochiyama is widely respected for her work in forging unity among diverse communities, especially between Asian and African Americans.

    Democracy Now obit here..

    Click to see large
    Angela Davis & Yuri Kochiyama

    A film with Angela Davis called Mountains That Take Wing.

    Yuri Kochiyama Yuri Kochiyama (previous post)

  • Email from Hal Lum and Masayo Suzuki.. who met Yuri Kochiyama.

    We were so fortunate to have dinner with her at her place and take a subway
    ride with she and her husband. She also came to Honolulu to speak several times and amazingly remembered us at older age.
    She was beautiful. (Hal Lum)

    A tiny giant in the civil & human rights movements passed away yesterday. Hal and I had the privilege to know her in New York via Noe Tanigawa. I had heard about her for years during the 60’s and was so happy to meet her when we got to new york in the 80’s. Her husband was from Hawaii and part of the 442nd. And to my surprise my mother knew her family in San Pedro. Small world. Masayo

    Pinter, Paul Weitz and Shakespeare

    Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

    If you missed Harold Pinter on Charlie Rose, go here.
    If anybody, it is Pinter who can handle Charlie’s obnoxious questions and turn them into gold. (See my previous post on Pinter – Master and the Caretaker)

    The Lovers – Clip from 1963 TV Play by Pinter

    Harold Pinter without dialogues? Vivien Merchant, Pinter’s first wife
    plays the character. (She was great in Alfie. Got nominated for the Oscar but did not win – not winning is almost an honor).

    Yesterday was a day of connecting the dots in today’s film/theater pop culture world, I found out from Hal that the playwright he introduced me as his neighbor in the early 90’s is Paul Weitz who later directed “About a Boy”, “In Good Company” and others.
    I have seen two of his films and did not know that he was the director.

    Hal, Masayo and Paul Weitz by Fung Lin Hall
    Here is a bad picture at Paul’s apartment of Hal, Masayo, and Paul with one of Hal’s paintings in the background. I have another picture somewhere in the pile of my old photos of them in exactly the same position and pose with dark glasses off.

    The only thing I remember from the meeting was that Paul Weitz did not like Gus Van Sant’s sudden foray into Shakespeare in the middle of “My Own Private Idaho”. Paul Weitz is a sweet guy, and his films shows the same goodness.

    Speaking of Shakespeare, I came across this article.
    Playwright of the Globe

    From all around the globe—from Frankfurt to Tokyo, from Prague to Moscow—we have testimony to Shakespeare’s power, his ability to move people of all nations, to inspire them, to shake them out of ingrained modes of thought and feeling, to give them the strength to question and challenge authority. Above all, we see how Shakespeare remains politically relevant to a wide variety of situations around the world; he seems to be taken most seriously by people who find themselves in the middle of a crisis and, in particular, who feel their liberties threatened.

    I have seen Maximilian Schell playing Hamlet in German with Japanese subtitles. I was introduced to the greatness of Shostakovich’s film scores through the Russian Hamlet film.

    La regina , mio signore , è morta (The Queen, my lord is dead).
    Here is Macbeth in Italian from dlsan, the web artist who was a
    part-time Shakespearean actor.

    (Maximilian Schell is the prominent collector of Josef Albers squares. How revealing!)

    Happy Lunar Dog Year -2006

    Sunday, January 29th, 2006

    Spike Spike New Year 2006 celebrates New Year at Googleland and elsewhere (more great photos).

    Received this greeting from Hal and Masayo earlier this year.
    Contact Ed Ruscha, his dog is waiting in the field.

    Dog Days means:
    “The ancient Romans noticed that the hottest days of the year, i.e. in late July and early August, co-incided with the Dog Star (aka Sirius, aka The Great Dog) being in the same part of the sky as the Sun. They thought the star contributed to the heat of the day.”

    Dog’s Breakfast?

    Two famous dogs from past were indexed at wikipedia, meet Hachiko and GreyFriars Bobby.

    (Hachiko’s statue is located at Shibuya where I grew up.
    My mother moved us to Shibuya when I was a teenager. Here is a photo of Shibuya with Neon Buddha image on the building.)

    See or read My life as a Dog and learn about Ingemar’s love for Sickan and the story of Laika, the Russian astro dog who went into the Space.

    Vitro Nasu google digital celebration takes place at night. It is more logical to see fireworks at night and besides we get there after google.
    After Mozart celebration two days ago, we will have to reconsider this practice of copying google celebration images. It does get boring or contentious.
    google tienamen (via wealthbondage)

    Who Is Afraid (Of Old Media Art)?- Les Levine From Dublin To New York

    Saturday, January 15th, 2005

    Hal & Masayo
    “We are not afraid” from here.
    (This post ia a gift from Vitro Nasu for Hal and Masayo who are old friends . Hal and Masayo posed for this photo by Les Levine. )

    Alongside such figures as Nam June Paik, Les Levine is regarded as a pioneer of video and media art. Levine exploits the language of advertising to reveal the state of art and culture. (Via
    To get some historical perspective on Levine’s place in
    media art, click the circle for 1960 in video at “influence org” ,
    Here is an interview by David Gigliotti (1999).
    From Ro Gallery, here.
    From Philipp March Contemporary, here.