Hal Lum

Hal Lum Painting Diver
(Courtesy of Honolulu Academy of Arts)

Congratulation to Hal Lum!
“Diver” by Hal Lum, took the Cynthia Ayre Award at Artists of Hawaii 2007.

A UCLA professor sizes up Hawaii’s best art of the year by Joleen Oshiro. (Star Bulletin) and page two here.

Previous posts on Hal Lum include his photo of poet Linda Gregg and his painting.

We Are Not Afraid Hal & Masayo
Hal and Masayo posed for Les Levine.

Hal, Masayo and Paul Weitz by Fung Lin Hall
Hal, Masayo and Paul Weitz, this one is by me.
On the wall is Hal’s painting. (Paul Weitz directed “About A Boy” and other popular movies today but we knew him as a playwright in the early 90’s.)

Sorry Hal I don’t have your recent photo. But I like these old photos.