Chinese Surname Shortage

Chinese surname spark rethink

When everybody‚Äôs named the same, then who knows Hu’s Hu?’ (via)

In a country of around 1.3 billion people, about 85 percent share only 100 surnames, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the Ministry of Public Security in April and published in the China Daily newspaper on Tuesday.

Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Yimou
Chinese stars
In the middle is Tony Leung Chiu Wai and the bottom is Tony Leung Ka Fai

Fay Wong in Chungking Express directed by Wong Kar Wai or Kar Wai Wong.

Ang Lee who is now a respected American director shares his surname with Spike Lee. Spike Lee is not even Chinese. They were roommates when they studied filmmaking at NYU.

Zhang and Zhang the Chinese pair figure skaters took Silver at the 2006 Olympics (Youtube) The commentator said that they share the same surname but are not related.

The Road Home – Zhang Ziyi in her first film directed by Zhang Yimou

Actually Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Yimou have different chinese characters. In romanized they are the same.