David Ireland

Blood Dots and Rain over Ireland David Ireland Blood Dot 1994

David Ireland has been a familiar figure in the West Coast art scene for three decades. Not focusing on a career in art until reaching his 40s, he spent his earlier years seeking out an array of experiences. After earning a B.A. in Industrial Design and Printmaking, Ireland lived in Asia, Europe and Africa. He pursued work in numerous professions, most notably serving as an African safari guide during the 1960s and early ’70s. Soon after completing graduate work at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1974, he purchased a house at 500 Capp Street, in the city’s not-yet-gentrified Mission District. (via)

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David Ireland in Kenya

Monochromes and Architecture (from the Art of Memory)

Kenneth Baker on Capp Street Debacle

<><>David Ireland photo of magazine layout

<><>David Ireland photo of magazine layout
The above two photos taken from magazine clips I saved from long ago.
The top right image is the exterior of Ireland’s house in San Francisco.
This article was written by John Ashbery. He wrote,

Ireland soon realized that this would be no ordinary restoration job–“consolidation” is the word he prefers to use.
“Slowly I progressed, as an artist, and I reached a philosophical point where I realized that the lively presence I was looking for in my paintings was here on the walls, as I stripped away and cleaned off the surfaces.”