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Jurgen Trautwein – Vitro Nasu

Jurgen Trautwein

We are still in the city and don’t call it Frisco. After Capp Street of David Ireland let’s zigzag to the Tenderloin Bush St and visit Jurgen Trautwein, a transplant from Germany. Like the consolidation work that David Ireland did for Capp Street apartment, Jurgen’s apartment is another pulsating piece of life as art, a place of magic and transformation. Jurgen has redesigned his homepage and is introducing new works including many ongoing interactive web projects. Take part, eat the heart and drink the wholly JT Wine.

JTWine randam samples:
Paper Ware Full Body Armor<> <> Movie MachineSleep of Reason Variations (click on the left column)

<> <>Intergeo painting by Jurgen Trautwein

For the International Geographic painting series I’m using found maps of the world as a two dimensional stage to populate them with immediate, essential, sparsely colored line figurations, acting out fragments of enigmatic dramas in an universe of maximum misunderstanding.

<> <>Stone of Folly installation by Jurgen TrautweinThe Stone of Folly

Mindbombs (WHY WAR animations)

The NIESATT installations
an evolving drawing & multimedia hybridization project:
NIESATT is a neologism consistent of two German words, nie (never) and satt (full, enough, satisfied).
If NIESATT is read backwards and the double T substituted with a D it reads Dasein (being in this world or exercising being).

(For years I’ve been wondering what NIESATT meant.)

Wordabout (blog) – A project exploring perception and work process of blind artists with developmental disabilities working at Creativity Explored in San Francisco.

Out of my mind drawings by Jurgen Trautwein

My drawings are raw thought. I draw what I observe about the human folly I experience in my San Francisco Tenderloin neighborhood and beyond. The Tenderlonians appear like an order of humans very much on the edge of existence.


“I’m being and seeing myself, seeing me see myself”. Paul Valery
Art is not a career to me, it’s a life in the realm of ideas, which are not necessarily monetary or consumable.


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