Bullshit and Van Gogh’s Ear

What leaves you most wary during Election Season with its Polls (scroll down)

<> <> Silent Majority by Janet Paparelli
(Janet Paparelli
sent me her new year’s greeting with this image.)

Democrazy is here to stay. (Mark Young who posted this shortest blog entry is a poet from Australia)
Dogmacracy (Daisy and Spike – or Hillary vs Obama, the two chihuahuas’ one act play) now enters another round for a re-run. (They can’t raise money but they can growl and pretend better than any of the current candidates. Growling politicians is universal, here is Issay Ogata playing a politician.)
Matt has two great links on Why not outsource American politics? and Bullshit

Clinton Diebold Bump

The point is this: Voting machine security is essential to our democratic process, and remains a problem that has not been resolved.
As long as these devices have serious vulnerabilities, doubt is possible, and a healthy democracy cannot function effectively in the shadows.

He lost to Nixon in 1972, still speaks to us with the voice of reason.

And something else that turns your ear to dead meat.
David Ireland David Ireland
Three Attempts to Understand Van Gogh’s Ear in Terms of the Map of Africa, 1987 (image source)
David Ireland’s 500 Capp Street: Inside And Soon To Be On The Market. (David Ireland mini retrospective is long overdue, stay tuned.)

(Directed by Alfonso CuarĂ³n)
“The Shock Doctrine” is high lighted at agog for people who don’t have time to read.