Obama and Aloha Shirt Retrospective

For reference, in 1973 Barry was a big 6th grader and I was just a little 3rd grader.
Here is the picture I found (I blurred out the other non-public figures) apparently taken at a pencil chewers convention (Barton’s Blog)

Obama in 1973

What is an Aloha spirit?

  • Akahai, kindness to be expressed with tenderness;
  • Lokahi, unity, to be expressed with harmony;
  • Oluolu, agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness;
  • Haahaa, humility, to be expressed with modesty;
  • Ahonui, patience, to be expressed with perseverance
  • Cotton cot322.jpg Kamehameha


    This is a remarkable print on cotton by Kamehameha. I love the depth and use of color. I stole this shirt on ebay last summer for $25. (Vintage Hawaiian shirt net)

    Royal Hawaiian Brown<> <> <> Ricky Ricardo Unique<> <> <> love this 50’s Fishermen
    Kamehameha Rayon <> <> <>watercolor streak <> <> <> 50’s Beachcomber
    Kahanamoku <> <> <> Lauhala <> <> <>Poorman’s coconut boy