They’re Not There

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Some Velázquez Paintings were missing at EL Prado that particular day.

Yesterday I went to the Prado with my friend Maria. We saw some amazing paintings. The people in them are all dead now. It was not possible to take pictures and for this I made a long list. I also found this room from which they moved some masterpieces to another room and I took photos of the marks of time. When they saw me they told me to stop.(Christodoulos from Limassol, Cyprus)

Now I know two people from Limassol, Christodoulos and Marcos Baghdadis thanks to google Velázquez alert.

El bufon don Sebastian de Morra dwarf
Diego Velázquez

Obama and Clinton met privately, they wrote. We’re not there to know if they’re were there to meet. (My tribute to Obama’s mom and her son and Gifs for Gaffe for Bosnia animation)

Meanwhile we were there to catch two google logos recently.
Google Balloon Daybalo.jpg Everest Day

Speaking of “Not quite there” read this review for Todd Haynes I’m Not There.

Todd Haynes has always struck me as less filmmaker than conceptual artist — a man with grand ideas whose mind works faster than 24 frames per second, the screen never quite able to contain the weight of his brain.