Cherry, Mahogany and Scott Burton

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Name the sculptor who made the above piece. You see him here (photo:Edward Steichen) and here, two great photos with this cup like sculpture on the edge .
Scott Burton made a career out of studying this great artist and extend the concept of merging art and design, abstract non-functional to functional.

Mahogany scottburton Table by Scott Burton

Mr. Burton, a small, wiry man known for his erudition, verbal precision and explosive laugh, worked as a critic and an editor for Art News and Art in America before becoming a full-time artist. He emerged in the late 1960’s and early 70’s as part of an artistic generation that came of age in the shadow of Minimalism. (Obit by Roberta Smith)

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Ellen Harvey’s Panel (partial view – via)
Don’t know Ellen? Look her up here.

Matt Christie mpanel2
Crafted by Matt Christie. (Yes, the reader of philiosophy and literature and an author of Pas-audela)
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