Baldessari’s Yellow Fin and Tristram

(Tristram Shandy Portfolio by John Baldessari via)

An example of Baldessari collages, made from stills of old B-movies superimposed with geometric shapes, is seen in an illustration for a special edition of Tristram Shandy.
When Hoyem learned of Baldessari’s interest in Laurence Sterne’s novel of 1760, he invited him to participate in a new publication that matches Sterne’s disregard for plot and punctuation with the artist’s own disjointed imagery. The project also includes a volume of the complete text with all its eccentricities intact, and another containing a critical essay. (MoMa – Baldessari’s Trsitram Shandy)

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Vintage Baldessari Some Narrow Views (either tall or wide)

Apparently FSFS (Fish Stink From Space) – Fung Shark Fin Soup is picking up with Shark fin sighting when we thought we were finished with Finning.

Baldessari got shark fin covered and he painted yellow to go with a blue dog.

Man, Dog (Blue), Canoe/Shark Fins (One Yellow), Capsized Boat, 2002 (via)

Extra, watch Tristram Shandy film trailer.

Now let us go to San Francisco, SFSF – FSFS and visit Jurgen’s I Like American and America Likes Me (Beuys, L. Bourgeois and Duchamp)