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    Milan Kundera

    This must be the time of Prague Fall as the memory of Prague Spring has become murkier and distorted.
    Accusation Against Writer Reopens Traumas of Czech Past (NYtimes)
    A friend who knew Milan Kundera for 50 years said,

    Milan was always introspective — he was not a fanatical Communist, and I completely exclude that he could have denounced someone in this way,” Mr. Pondelicek said. “It just does not match his pattern of behavior.”

    Milan is a writer and his writings should speak for us. (Though some like Ed Champion is ready to say that Kundera is overrated)
    Here are some samples.
    Milan Kundera on Francis Bacon (from Hypergraphia – For Tate)

    Milan Kundera on Ecstacy

    Jtwine on Milan Kundera

    I always think of one of his quotes:” kitsch is the absolute denial of shit.” I like that a lot.

    (Check Jurgen’s neat photos and Fassbinder video at FSFS – fear should fall short – Shark fin project Merde, I got enough of celebrity-art-talk now.)

    Swimming Pools in Milan Kundera’s novels by Jorn Boisen

    Maria from Mexico commenting, (from Prague Life)

    I teach literature in Mexico. My high school students have loved “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”. I just want to say that Sabina´s longing of the two lighted windows has haunted me always as well as her despair. Thomas, Teresa, and Sabina are some of the most memorable characters of all times. To have a bunch of Mexican 17 year olds thinking this is their favorite novel of all times is the best reward an author could have.

    Four Milan Kundera related youtube samples
    Elas – a video animation from Brazil – based on Unbearable Lightness of Being

    (repost from last year Halloween)

    2) The Unbearable Lightness of Being on Tube (a cute youtube experiment)

    3) A reader put his enthusiastic review of the Unbearable Lightness of Being on youtube- “Incredible”.

    4) A funny clip of Milan Kundera sitting on an inflated plastic chair answering in French, rocking himself uncomfortably. (1968) (Youtube)