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Praise Shark or Snark

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Ride the Flarf Fixie and visit the Snark Market.

Flarf and Snark flarfsnark
My Geisha Cacti are posing as Flarf and Snark. They have been out of work and were not getting enough attention from the public. In real life they are neither flarfy nor snarky, they enjoy being competent, useful and being professional.

Flarf is in glory hole according to Gary Sullivan

Tao Lin tried to replace Flarf with something else in 2007, not too successfuly. (Previously we went Diving with Tao Lin)

Here is One dollor shark gift from Jurgen who jurgenrabbithas been scouting for a new funfinfin location in Potrero Hill.

Watch Charlie Rose goes beserk defending snarky Maureen Dawd from this interview with David Denby who was promoting his new book called Snark. (Skip to inaugural poem remix if you had enough of Charlie.)

Someone is trying to make noise. (Is it Kenneth Goldsmith?)

Begin Cotton Lettuce glittering edifices (Like this more than the others)

Any sentence can be made <> <> <> <> Twin Peaks <> <> <> <> All I need is ham

Praise Song for tomorrow or not <> <> Take Out Your Boom <> <> Words words words

Defuge Flarf – don’t know who made this tape. Not by Alan Sondheim

The texts are mine, defuge is a concept I’ve worked with, but I have no idea who did the video – wish I did – Alan (via email)

And, of that word, defuge, he writes elsewhere:

fetishization transformed into discard, disgust, the image no longer working, _that_ body used up in masturbation. It is so common that a word is necessary here, the _defuge,_ defuse / refuge / deluge / refuse, de-light, de-flower. Rhyme patterns, frames, defuges; it is the defuge that draws the poem forward beyond return

Bark, Sun, Twigs and Ice – 2009

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

<> <> 09newyear

All the movement is in your brain.

Joanna Mattera welcomes 2009

Happy Holidays from the Rodeo – Megan and Murray

Jurgen’s email from Germany

we’ll be here for another week and than take off for SF.
has been fun so far.

Jtwine jtwineice
Niesatt ice cold

See his ice drawings here.

J. D. Salinger is 90 years old today. (Still Paging Mr. Salinger – NYtimes) If you are born on New Year’s day you might want to hide too.
While Salinger is still hiding, the self-evident is still counting – “You and blogging were made for each other.” comment from Curtis F.

Gong Li was born on New Year’s Eve. (Like Matisse and Paul Bowles) Communist China and Gong Li go their separate ways.

Aaron Hillis (Greencine daily)

I intend to find a tone and platform that not only proves it matters, but encourages curiosity, discourse, and awakens new cineastes. Just as Sean Penn channeled Harvey Milk, my name is Aaron Hillis and I’m here to recruit you.

Goodbye to bark bark Wbark2

Čínská Restaurace

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Tony and daughters came to SF for wonderful food and company. (Found youtube)

They obviously did not go to Fun Fin Fin fsfs – fake squid fast stop – Chinese Restaurant.
Jurgen, Hal and I prefer the Chinese Noodle houses – they are within our budget. They serve noodles, duck and rice soup and other standard Chinese food. Jurgen and Hal have never met in real life but that does not stop them from talking and choking on German artists. (Do not miss the great videos of Rebecca Horn and Eva Hesse).

Speaking of Noodle house, Milan Kundera was linked at my Noodle Place post I did last year February.
(Very chop suey like – with an image of “Debt to Pleasure – Imagining Kundera, Kureishi and Tanizaki”)

Chop Suey edhopper1
by Edward Hopper

There are number of interesting films that came out of the Independant cinema world about Chinese restaurants in overseas.

Vivian Wu in Kinamand kinamand

“Chinaman”: the unconventional love story of a Danish plumber and the restaurant proprietor’s sister whose only hope of obtaining a residence permit is marrying a Danish national.

Trailer here (without English subtitles)

Trailer for “Combination Platter” – Tony Chan made this film.

See Čínská Restaurace in Prague. I have never been to this restaurant. The friend of a Czech family I knew fixed a Chinese dish to show off his skill once. Many Czech restaurants have one Chinese dish in their menu among goulash, dumplings and Palacinky (pancakes). It does not matter what you eat, wonderful pivo (Czech pilsner) beer washes down the food. At the train station stops you often see people drinking pivo at 8 am before their commute to work. “Ceske Pivo, Prosim” “How dare Milan leaving Pivo country! We will go after you like the befuddled tourists who get arrested in our public transport; their crime: not knowing where to buy the ticket.” Ticket booth is no where to be found, no gate to go through etc. Very mysterious system. (I don’t know if the Prague police are still harassing the passengers today. You pay a large fine on the spot to the police of course. For foreigners only.)

Milan Kundera

Sunday, October 19th, 2008
  • milankundera1
    Milan Kundera

    This must be the time of Prague Fall as the memory of Prague Spring has become murkier and distorted.
    Accusation Against Writer Reopens Traumas of Czech Past (NYtimes)
    A friend who knew Milan Kundera for 50 years said,

    Milan was always introspective — he was not a fanatical Communist, and I completely exclude that he could have denounced someone in this way,” Mr. Pondelicek said. “It just does not match his pattern of behavior.”

    Milan is a writer and his writings should speak for us. (Though some like Ed Champion is ready to say that Kundera is overrated)
    Here are some samples.
    Milan Kundera on Francis Bacon (from Hypergraphia – For Tate)

    Milan Kundera on Ecstacy

    Jtwine on Milan Kundera

    I always think of one of his quotes:” kitsch is the absolute denial of shit.” I like that a lot.

    (Check Jurgen’s neat photos and Fassbinder video at FSFS – fear should fall short – Shark fin project Merde, I got enough of celebrity-art-talk now.)

    Swimming Pools in Milan Kundera’s novels by Jorn Boisen

    Maria from Mexico commenting, (from Prague Life)

    I teach literature in Mexico. My high school students have loved “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”. I just want to say that Sabina´s longing of the two lighted windows has haunted me always as well as her despair. Thomas, Teresa, and Sabina are some of the most memorable characters of all times. To have a bunch of Mexican 17 year olds thinking this is their favorite novel of all times is the best reward an author could have.

    Four Milan Kundera related youtube samples
    Elas – a video animation from Brazil – based on Unbearable Lightness of Being

    (repost from last year Halloween)

    2) The Unbearable Lightness of Being on Tube (a cute youtube experiment)

    3) A reader put his enthusiastic review of the Unbearable Lightness of Being on youtube- “Incredible”.

    4) A funny clip of Milan Kundera sitting on an inflated plastic chair answering in French, rocking himself uncomfortably. (1968) (Youtube)

    Baldessari’s Yellow Fin and Tristram

    Friday, October 17th, 2008

    (Tristram Shandy Portfolio by John Baldessari via)

    An example of Baldessari collages, made from stills of old B-movies superimposed with geometric shapes, is seen in an illustration for a special edition of Tristram Shandy.
    When Hoyem learned of Baldessari’s interest in Laurence Sterne’s novel of 1760, he invited him to participate in a new publication that matches Sterne’s disregard for plot and punctuation with the artist’s own disjointed imagery. The project also includes a volume of the complete text with all its eccentricities intact, and another containing a critical essay. (MoMa – Baldessari’s Trsitram Shandy)

    Studio<> <> <> i8 Gallery <> <> <> Five Pickles and Fingerprints

    Vintage Baldessari Some Narrow Views (either tall or wide)

    Apparently FSFS (Fish Stink From Space) – Fung Shark Fin Soup is picking up with Shark fin sighting when we thought we were finished with Finning.

    Baldessari got shark fin covered and he painted yellow to go with a blue dog.

    Man, Dog (Blue), Canoe/Shark Fins (One Yellow), Capsized Boat, 2002 (via)

    Extra, watch Tristram Shandy film trailer.

    Now let us go to San Francisco, SFSF – FSFS and visit Jurgen’s I Like American and America Likes Me (Beuys, L. Bourgeois and Duchamp)

    American Flag

    Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

    Tyler Green started an American Flag project.

    Ethan Ham submitted Vito Acconci (1980)’s Instant House.

    This week Modern Art Notes is featuring prominent curators identifying favorite works of contemporary art that feature the American flag.

    The American flag images below are from my collection and not part of Tyler Green’s project.

    Google eagle <> <>Dryscape by Fung Lin Hall looking for prey (digital photo collage by Fung Lin Hall)

    <> <> <> <> < Flag pols and Kid (photos by Fung Lin Hall via The Land Project – dlsan of Italy) <> <> <>

    Jürgen Trautwein made an Election game for you. (Who’s afraid of red white and blue?)
    Objective: remove the small red squares out of the big square. You can turn down the sound.

    <> <> <> <> < blueflag1
    <> <> <> <> < redflag1

    Robert Gardner is a glass master from Asheville.
    Robert Gardner robert-postcard-1

    Extra – Palin-Pleasure related links
    Party with Palin at the white house. (Flash fun) Touch the door more than once.

    “The Book Ends”Robert Gardner Glass Work or “In God we trust.” by Robert Gardner

    Janet Paparelli Silent Majority by Janet Paparelli watching Sarah Palin on TV

    Shark Fin Soup and Tissue 2

    Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

    Shark fin tissue sharkfin2used for Shark fin soup.

    JTwine and I have started a Fung Shark Fin Soup project.
    A misspelling of my name Fung Fin Hall by Jurgen had led to this new exploration and creative possibilites. He is German and I am Chinese we don’t like to waste anything. This should keep us busy for a while.

    Now back to my other new project.
    Tissue 2 tissue4

    Tissue 2 is my response to the current controversy regarding Issue I.
    Tissue in this instance is not from our body or shark but more like the tissue you find as Angel Soft, Cottonnelle, Northern or Charmin. (Pay attention to different patterns from these brands – this is a digital photo based collage.)
    See Flickr Tissue here.

    Featuring the work of 3, 164 poets. Completely unpermissioned and unauthorized, pissing off the entire poetry community. Either you’re in or you’re not.Issue I from Poetry anthology.

    i think this is funny and i approve of it -Tao Lin(a reader of depressing books)
    i’m excited, i really like Tsuyoshi Yumoto – Tao Lin (again, in one sentence.)

    Mme Levy of La Vache qui lit called out a certain delusional old poet for his post on Issue I

    Lime Tree

    I take this to be a characteristic pathology of artistic/intellectual community on the web: the constant panic over whether one is presenting oneself in the most sophisticated and even-handed light, and whether someone else has outdone one in this regard. I don’t know if the project was consciously deployed in light of this dynamic, but that’s certainly the way it’s manifesting its effect. Or maybe this is just me projecting. Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed.
    Lime Tree on Issue I

    I am bothered that he is bothered

    Dear The Future,
    Even though I’m not actually
    Ron Silliman, I’m pretending
    to be just for the sake
    of this poem. (read more from Hitler’s Mustache)

    I enjoyed reading Shaviro’s response, here.

    The Author, Resurrected – Amy King’s Alias

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    Tags: Author, Barthes, Death of the Author, Internet, Ownership, Poetry Anthology, poets, Situationist, Spectacle

    Issue #1 Faux Anthology – Nick Piombino of fait accompli

    I would just call it-The Unbearable Lightness of Issue #1. There is something about that huge sudden ironic parody that calls for instant recognition of the non serious nature of the intervention. This is the “unbearable lightness of blogging” as I have termed it, par excellence.

    tp12 <> <> tp31 <> <> tp21
    TP Meditation