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Nikki Giovanni nikki

Watch Nikki Giovanni with Bill Moyers.

NIKKI GIOVANNI: “My Muse.” This is so egocentric.
I am my own muse
I delight me with my words of both wit and wisdom
I teach myself so much, such insight into the human soul, such compassion for the weak and weary, such utter contempt for the self-satisfied.

Not you babe!, Nikki Giovanni gives her very funny opinion on Condoleezza Rice on youtube a few years ago.

Wished Nikki Giovanni read her poem at the Obama inauguration, she would electrify the crowd like she did at Virginia Tech.

Speaking of amazing and wonderful speech, in case you missed Mickey Rourke at Independent Spirit awards, he thinks Eric Roberts needs to work,.

Who is the smartest person in the western world? Not you babe, Gail Trimble is.
BBC – is having a wide range of general knowledge the same as being a “clever” person?

American psychologist Howard Gardner thinks intelligence has eight aspects: logical, linguistic, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, naturalist, intrapersonal and interpersonal


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