The Mad Tea Party

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Found a table to go with a ridiculously expensive chair – 28 Million Dollors.
Dragon Chair by Eileen Gray – The End Table by Lars Fisk (the right image)

Lars Fisk plays with fake chinoiserie and other aspects of fetishized “foreignness.


The unique and remarkable ‘Dragons’ armchair was acquired from Miss Gray by Suzanne Talbot, the first patron to provide her with an opportunity to create a complete environment. The exotic, symbolist character of the piece situates it conceptually within the first phase of Miss Gray’s creative cycle.

Teapot with Cushion teapot21

Teapot with panty <>tpthumbnail
Altered teapots by Ryan Fitzer

Although these are technically teapots, I am excited about their sculptural possibilities. My original inspiration came from the Philip Guston retrospective at the Fort Worth Modern in 2003. I came across one of his later works on paper “Untitled (Kettle)” from 1980. What really struck me about this simple image of a kettle was how Guston gave himself the permission to alter the idea of a kettle to suit his tastes.

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Tony Feher
Nine mylar bags and push pins – 2004