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Hua Yang De Nian Hua, or “To those who we remember fondly”, is a 2000 short film by Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai that was shown at the 2001 Berlin International Film Festival. It consists of a 2m 28s montage of scenes from vintage Chinese films, most of which were considered lost until some nitrate prints were discovered in a California warehouse during the 1990s, set to a song from the soundtrack of Wong’s In The Mood For Love, a golden oldie by Zhou Xuan.”

Zhou Xuan 1Zhou_Xuan See Zhou Xuan on youtube

was a popular Chinese singer and film actress. By the 1940s, she had become one of China’s seven great singing stars.[1] She is probably the most well-known of the seven, as she had a concurrent movie career until 1953.

In 1957 she died in Shanghai in a mental asylum at the age of 39 during the Anti-Rightist Movement

Old Orient Museum by Vincent Lexington Harper


  • Happy birthday Maggie Cheung – 20 September 1964 (Here she was at Venice)
    (In the Mood for Love youtube)

  • Three Years by Li Xiang Liang (Yoshiko Yamaguch – ex-wife of Isamu Noguchi)