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    Peter Yates R.I.P 1928 – 2011

    Re: the car chase from Bullit (We’re so tired of car chases in films today.)

    No CGI, just great cinematography, editing and stunt driving.”

    Peter Yates was an assistant director to Jack Cardieff on “Sons and Lovers” (NYtimes obit)

    As a director, the Hampshire, England-born Peter Yates embraced a wide range of genres in the stories he brought to the silver screen, running the gamut from police thrillers to science fiction tales, from relationships dramas to beautifully rendered American slices of life, earning four Oscar nominations along the way, two for directing and two for producing. Yates has died at 82.(Via)

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    Peter with Philippe Noiret and Siân Phillips.

    Murphy’s War MW_dvd_cover

    Philip Noiret and Peter O’Toole were wonderful in Murphy’s War directed by Peter Yates.