RIP Philippe Noiret

Philippe NoiretPhillippe Noiret 1930 -2006

A great actor, elegant and warm passed away on Nov 23, 2006.
(More about him here and here)

Youtube collections
1 Youtube tribute from France (He received a Legion of Honor recently. Beautifully done, you don’t need to understand French to appreciate this tribute. There are many memorable clips from his long career. – Romy Schneider and young Catherine Deneuve are all there.)

2 Zazie dans le Metro, an adaptation of a novel by Raymond Queneau and directed by Louis Malle.

  • On the Set of "Coup de Torchon"
    Coup de Torchon – Noiret and Stephane Audran

  • 1aaTavernierLife

    3 Life is Nothing But directed by Tavernier, with Sabine Azema.

    The Clockmaker was his first collaboration with Tavernier.

    “He was a friend, a brother, a father. I owe everything to him”, more from Bertrand Tavernier ) .

  • Murphy’s War with Peter O’Tool

  • 1aNeruda

    (He played Pablo Neruda in the popular postman film and people will remember him as the guy from the sentimental Cinema Paradiso, a film with hundreds of kissing scenes. Those films are not truly representive of the great Italian cinema tradition of De Sica, Visconti, Rossellini, Fellini, and Pasolini. )

    He was a Libra with moon in Aquarius, here. (Richard Hell has this combo.)
    Not surprisingly he was A Libra/Horse