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    “Tous les matins du monde” swept the 1992 Cesar Awards, winning best film, director, cinematography (Yves Angelo), supporting actress (Anne Brochet), music (Jordi Savall), costume design (Corinne Jorry) and sound.

    Alain Corneau, film director: born Meung-sur-Loire, France 7 August 1943; died Paris 30 August 2010.

    The French director Alain Corneau made 16 films in a variety of genres, from Série Noire, the bleak, sordid 1979 drama that featured a compelling performance by Patrick Dewaere as a door to door salesman looking for redemption in the wrong places, to Crime D’Amour [Love Crime], the psychological thriller starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier, which opened in French cinemas to critical acclaim a fortnight before his death from lung cancer. “He was a cinema great,” Scott Thomas said, “an absolutely adorable, funny and sharp-witted man.” (Independent UK)

    ALL THE MORNINGS OF THE WORLD, (AKA TOUS LES MATINS DU MONDE), Jean-Pierre Marielle, Caroline Sihol, 1991, (c)October Films

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    “I was lucky to be able to bring to fruition unlikely projects that were close to my heart like ‘Nocturne Indien’ or ‘Tous Les Matins Du Monde’, which fulfilled my wish to make a film about Baroque music, some of my other films could have been better, but I avoid watching them.” Alan Corneau (Mubi)

    Originally a musician, he worked with Costa-Gavras as an assistant, which was also his first opportunity to work with actor Yves Montand, with whom he would collaborate three times later in his career, including Police Python 357 (1976) and La Menace (1977).

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    Corneau is survived by Nadine and the two children of Marie Trintignant whom the couple had adopted.

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    Based on a story by Tabucchi – Nocturne Indian