Forrest Bess

Forrest Bess (October 5, 1911 – November 10, 1977) Painter, fisherman, visionary, eccentric – Forrest Bess was one of the most original American artists of his generation

Bess showed at Betty Parsons Gallery in New York City, along with artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. In the 1950s, he also began a life-long correspondence with art professor and author Meyer Schapiro, and sexologist John Money


Bess makes it clear that his paintings were only part of a grander theory, based on alchemy, the philosophy of Carl Jung, and the rituals of Australian aborigines, which proposed that becoming a hermaphrodite was the key to immortality. In 1960, Bess operated on himself to become a pseudo-hermaphrodite. This physical manifestation of his theory never achieved the results he had hoped for and, ironically, this quest for immortality was the beginning of a slow decline in both his health and his creative output

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