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Being Everyone 1BeingEveryoneWard
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Ward Schumaker may not be like everyone, he seems to be everywhere.. he will definitely be at his opening in New York.

Saturday, October 29 ยท 3:00pm – 5:00pm (Opening)
O K Harris Gallery
383 West Broadway
New York, NY

  • Nashville
    Moon Atlas 1wardshumakerMoon
    Moon Atlas 48-49.moonWard

    opening, 5-8 pm, Thursday, 03 November.
    The show remains up until 17 December.
    Zeitgeist Gallery | 1819 21st Avenue South | Nashville, TN

  • “My illustrated version of Paris France by Gertrude Stein appeared in the Seeing Gertrude Stein Five Stories exhibit
    at San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum and will now move to Washington, DC, to appear in Insight and Identity,
    Contemporary Artists and Gertrude Stein, at Stanford-in-Washington.” Ward Schumaker via email.
    Seeing Gertrude Stien Five Stories 4__large


    Body Precious Always Shine (Alice and Gertrude)

    I love my wifey so completely
    Oh so completely, and she is
    To have a lovely cow a real
    Cow splash goes the cow now,
    Splash splash splash lovely
    Baby smelly cow comes out of
    Baby anyhow now

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