Kurt Schwitters in Norway + Stephen Fry in America

Kurt Schwitters in Norway


Kurt Schwitters was born on June 20, 1887 (Previous post K.S.– Dada, sound poetry, the first installation artist)

Kurt in Norway (via)

On 2 January 1937 Schwitters, wanted for an ‘interview’ with the Gestapo,[26] fled Hanover for Norway to join his son Ernst, (via wiki)

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Kurt Schwitters Influences (via wiki)

Many artists have cited Schwitters as a major influence, including Ed Ruscha, Robert Rauschenberg, Damien Hirst, Al Hansen, and Arman.

“The language of Merz now finds common acceptance and today there is scarcely an artist working with materials other than paint who does not refer to Schwitters in some way. In his bold and wide-ranging experiments he can be seen as the grandfather of Pop Art, Happenings, Concept Art, Fluxus, multimedia art and post-modernism.” Gwendolyn Webster

  • Stephen Fry in America

    When Stephen Fry visited the Nation’s capital DC he interviewed the founder of Wikipedia.

    WikiMedia was founded on June 20 2003

    Stephen Fry
    Stephen Fry enjoyed New England, South West Native American territories, and San Francisco. He did not seem to care much for the Midwest, Florida or the South.