O My Papa

Robert Mangold in his studio 1963 Nov.

Robert Mangold

The Family
(From left: James Mangold with his parents in 1965; Robert Mangold’s Irregular Gray Area With a Drawn Ellipse, 1986)

James Mangold is son of Robert Mangold – he is a film director. (Walk the Line Girl Interrupted, Copland, Heavy)

James Mangold about parents
My parents have a very, very rewarding life and do beautiful work, but growing up, one of my critiques of my parents’ world was that it was elitist, that it only speaks to a small sliver of the world. Doing something that could reach everybody else was very driving to me.

“We should be writing more great roles for women, period. – James Mangold

Mitchel Lichtenstein directed
Mitchel Lichtenstein’s father Roy Lichtenstein designed the cover.
Michel Lichtenstein from the Wedding Banquet (directed by Ang Lee – the ad is annoying – a great scene from the film. )

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