Alfred Jarry Bike & Mercury Retrograde

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Alfred Jarry Bike
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  • Mercury turns Retrograde on July 14 2012

    Mercury in Retrograde
    By Sheryl Luna
    The day ended badly with a broken ankle,
    a jinxed printer, and a dead car. The dry yellow grass
    against the sunset saved me. Roosters

    pranced across a lawn of shit, proudly plumed
    in black feathers, bobbing before the gray goats.
    It was the first day I saw god in the quiet,

    and found a mustard seed was very small.
    There I had been for years cursing “why?”
    and all the gold in the sun fell upon me.

    There was a white mare in the midst
    of brown smog, majestic in the refinery
    clouds. Even the radio wouldn’t work!

    My mother limps and her hair falls out.
    The faithful drive white Chevy trucks
    or yellow Camrys, and I’m here golden

    on the smoking shock-less bus.
    I lost language in this want, each poem
    dust, Spanish fluttered

    Poem Hunter

    This talented bird built a nest inside the cactus plant.