Alain Resnais – 1922 – 2014

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    Alan Resnais, experimental French director, dies aged 91

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  • Resnais left in 1945 to do his military service which took him to Germany and Austria with the occupying forces, as well as making him a temporary member of a travelling theatre company, Les Arlequins.[14] He returned to Paris in 1946 to start his career as a film editor, but also began making short films of his own. Finding himself to be a neighbour of the actor Gérard Philipe, he persuaded him to appear in a 16mm surrealist short, Schéma d’une identification (now lost).[12] A more ambitious feature-length work, Ouvert pour cause d’inventaire, has also vanished without trace. (via Alain Resnais wiki)

    Alain & Mifune

    07 Aug 1961, Venicem, Italy — Venice, Italy. french film director Alain Resnais (Left) and Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune congratulate each other after winning top honors September 5th at the 1961 Venice Film Festival. Resnais won the golden Lion of St Mark’s for his “Last year at Marienbad,” an unconventional literrary film. Mifune won the Volpi Cup for his acting in “Yojimbo” . — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS © Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

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