Manuel Ocampo, La Liberte + William Lamson, etc – Halloween 2015

  • La Liberte 1a Manuel_La Liberte_web
    Maneul Ocampo 1990

    Manuel Ocampo (born 1965) is a Filipino artist. His work fuses sacred Baroque religious iconography with secular political narrative. His works draw upon a wide range of art historical references, contain cartoonish elements, and draw inspiration from punk subculture.

  • God is my co-pilot

    The film chronicles this hugely talented artist’s rise to popularity, his mistrust of the art world that embraced him and his current efforts to recast himself as a post-identitarian artist.

  • Evelyn Waugh – God, Satan, Waugh Paris Review

  • Ted Hughes R.I.P
    28 October 1998

    He died one day after Sylvia Plath birthday (Sept 27).

    Lovesong read by Cillian Murphy (youtube).

  • arizWLamson
    William Lamson in Arizona

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