Christian Boltanski & Max Jacob – Deeply Thought and Felt

The above image copied from here.

Meet Christian Boltanski here at Tate magazine.

See his important works at Marian Goodman Gallery (Enter, go to artist section and click his name).

GYMNASIUM CHASES, a portfolio of photogravures by French artist Christian Boltanski, is based on a photograph of the 1931 graduating class of the Gymnasium Chases, a Jewish High School in Vienna. (via Crownpoint Press).

Painting” Medrano 1909:acrobate et danseuse” by Max Jacob

Acrobate Medrano 1909:acrobate et danseuse et Danseuse
View Max Jacob’s paintings at Marie-Quimper (in French).

“Deeply thought and felt” as subtitled from this old website gives tribute to
Max’ life and samples of his writing. Read his “Festival” translated by William Kulik, here.
A portrait of Max Jacob by Modigliani here.

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