Breakfast on Pluto, Not I

Is this green enough for St Patrick’s Day?

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Breakfast on Pluto (trailer with great soundtrack)

Neil Jordan has a website.

“After working with Neil Jordan in The End of the Affair, the director saw in her the perfect protagonist for Not I, and decided that the world could do with a more intimate look at Ms. Moore’s lovely mouth.” (From Modernword)
Who has seen this 14 min. film based on Samuel Beckett? Not I.

Happy St Patrick’s Day google St Patrick's Day

NJ: Yeah, Butcher Boy said things about an Irish childhood that I’d never seen in fiction. It was one of those books that actually shows minute details and it was just so familiar to me. Breakfast on Pluto is quite different. This is more like a wild fantasy, really. When I read Breakfast on Pluto it seemed almost like a series of opportunities, you know? An opportunity to go on a journey that I hadn’t gone on before. (from Popmatters Interview)

Here is a trailer for The Butcher Boy. (Sinead O’Connor as the Virgin Mary)

An old article from the guardian on Patrick MaCabe who wrote both novels, The Butcher Boy and Breakfast on Pluto.

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