Caterpiller – Koji Wakamatsu

October 17th, 2014
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    Caterpillar is a 2010 Japanese drama film directed by Kōji Wakamatsu, partially drawn from Edogawa Rampo’s banned short-story “The Caterpillar” (芋虫 Imomushi?)
    The film is a critique of the right-wing militarist nationalism that guided Japan’s conduct in Asia during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. The film deals with various issues, such as war crimes, handicapped veterans, and spousal abuse. The film also deals with themes of sexual perversion and features graphic sex scenes.

    It was nominated for the Golden Bear at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival.[4] Shinobu Terajima received the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival for her portrayal of Kurokawa’s wife.

  • Koji Wakamatsu 1koji-wakamatsu

    (1 April 1936 – 17 October 2012)

    MUBI page

    The Essential Films of Koji Wakamatsu


    Summer Fun – A Guide to Fun, Imaginative & Educational Sites For Kids

    July 4th, 2014
  • 1) Starfall camp (ABC, learn to read, stories including Greek, chinese myths etc)

  • Music animations – Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Scott Joplin, Offenbach and Tchaikovsky.

  • Quotations from Shakepeare – A horse! a horse! My Kingdom or a horse Starfall camp

  • 2) O r i s i n a l (game site).1aflashorisinal
    nice design, many games are soothing..
    Panda Run

    The Perious Voyage
    (Look out for Dragon!)

    Friends stick together.. (requires practices)

    Frog Hydrophobia

    These little pigs for 1 – 3 years old

    Fresh Egg

  • 3) Muffin films 1aMuffin_Films
    (Fun, fun, fun)
    Designed by Amy Winfrey.

  • 4) Boowa & Kwala (from Australia in English & French)
    Excellent site for kids..a must visit (many puzzles, stories.. totally delightful).

  • 5) 1amanitaD

    Their first gameSamorost is here..

    Amanita Design an imaginative game site by Czech team of designers.

  • 6) Poisson Rouge amazing game site from France. One site gives language lessons. The chinese site is excellent.

  • 7) Future Physics
    Grab a planet and play with it.

    By Rafael Rozendaal

    Walker, Unicyclist & Yellow Flowers Tree – Arizona Spring Fotos 2014

    May 31st, 2014

  • Mysterious walker spotted on two different days. He is a fixture in Tempe and Ahwatukee area.
    He walks for hours every day, resting at a library.

    Most recent sighting of a walker from the car

  • The Walking Encyclopaedia’s Walking Artists of the Day – see Jurgen Trautwein

  • Click to see large photos

    Running <>

    Unicyclist <>

  • See a storyteller cowboy riding backward – (previous post)

  • Parkinsonia
    Photos and digital image by Fung Lin Hall

    Yellow flower tree (Parkinsonia florida Arizona, State tree) and blue trash can among many black trash cans. digital image by Fung-Lin Hall April 27 2014

    (Yellow as Hollow Crown costume)

    7 Javelinas made suprise visit to the neighborhood..trampling these trash cans.

    Three poets/writers were born in Arizona
    Lew Welch Phoenix, Arizona,
    Susan Sontag Tuscon, Arizona
    Alice Notley Bisbee Arizona

    Hibiscus Photos and Helen Mirren’s Teacher

    February 17th, 2014
  • Teaching is not a lost art but the regard for it is a lost tradition. Jacques Barzun

  • <> <>

  • <> (Helen Mirren from helenMessai “Savage Messiah”)

  • Links to Teacher men

    A Midsummer Nights Dream, Poets, Teacher Man, Orientalist

    Mitsuo Aoki - Hawaii’s Living Treasure

  • Alice, Audrey and Jane Jacob

    May 3rd, 2013
  • Alice Liddell ( 4 May 1852 – 16 November 1934), known for most of her adult life by her married name, Alice Hargreaves, inspired the children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

  • Jane Jacobs Jane Jacobs
    (Digital image by Fung Lin Hall)

    Jane Jacob – May 4 1916

    Jane Jacob was an American–Canadian journalist, author, and activist best known for her influence on urban studies. Her influential book The Death and Life of Great American Cities (1961) argued that urban renewal did not respect the needs of most city-dwellers.

  • Click to enlarge
    Mel, Audrey and Truman Capote

    Aurdrey Hepburn was born on May 4 1929 – she was discovered by Colette (see biography on youtube here)

    Audrey speaks many languages (youtube)

  • Hollis Frampton – Poetic Digital Justice

    March 11th, 2013
  • Poetic justice

  • Hollis Frampton was born on March 11, 1936 who was an American avant-garde filmmaker, photographer, writer/theoretician, and pioneer of digital art.


    We propose another, radically different morphology … one that views film, not from the outside, as a product to be consumed, but from the inside, as a dynamically evolving organic code directly responsive and responsible, like every other code, to the supreme mediator: consciousness.

    Image via (nostalgia)

    Image via

    (nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton 1/4

    Harvard film archive

    Mysterious woman in white. (His wife who could not be reached)

    Resurrection of Hollis Frampton (youtube – text on green screen)

    Interview Hollis Frampton (Chicago 1978) (38 min long)

    More images scroll down

    They Hunt for Exiled Stars – Pad Thai & Ski Lift

    February 23rd, 2013

    They write a long conceptual poem based on Christian Bök’s tweets

    Suicide Pact you first

    They sell you words
    They interview the “totalitarian Buddhist” who has built “Magnasanti”
    They create visual poetry by permuting four dark triangles
    They build a fractal pyramid
    They review “How to Write” by derek beaulieu
    They design an online toy that lets you write prose-poems automatically in the style of a TED Talk (More Christian Bök’s tweets)

    The True History of Pad Thai –

    It’s the noodle that’s the most Thai, and at the same time, the least. Before the 1940s, Pad Thai didn’t exist as a common dish. Its birth and popularity came out of the nationalist campaign of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram, one of the revolutionary figures who in 1932 pushed Thailand out of an absolute monarchy and into a Game of Thrones-style democracy, where coups and counter-coups have become the norm.It’s the noodle that’s the most Thai, and at the same time, the least. Before the 1940s, Pad Thai didn’t exist as a common dish. Its birth and popularity came out of the nationalist campaign of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram, one of the revolutionary figures who in 1932 pushed Thailand out of an absolute monarchy and into a Game of Thrones-style democracy, where coups and counter-coups have become the norm.

    The Noodle place : debt of pleasure (Hanif Kureishi on Tanizaki)

    Click to see large
    (Sunrise Resort Ski Arizona Feb 18 photo by Fung Lin Hall)

    No we did not eat Pad Thai while riding on the ski lift.

    Weapons of Choice – Funnyart Fair- Feb 2013

    January 10th, 2013

    Moshi Moshi

    Mori Satoh..森翔太 (撮影、編集、出演) filming, editing acting…(Mori is our new Iphone action hero)

  • David Shrigley

    David Shrigley Gong. (at Anton Kern Galler)

    Kevin Cooley: Skyward at Pierogi Boiler Room
    January 11 – February, 2013

    Gaylen Gerber at Wallspace
    January 12 – February 9, 2013

    See more from Horses Think

    Horses think new web site..

    Winter Solstice 2012

    December 21st, 2012

    Painting from watch tower at Grand Canyon

    Click any photo to enlarge.

    Digital Collage and photo from downtown Phoenix

    view from car

    Hermit’s Rest
    South Rim Grand Canyon

    Photos and digital collage by Fung Lin Hall

  • Senor Blues 2012

    November 7th, 2012

  • Horace Silver Blowing the Blues Away

  • Victory for equality, justice and women – 2012 election

    We must learn how to sign “NO Drones

    Top Ten Wish List Progressives should Press on President Obama by Juan Cole

    A Letter to Obama by George McGovern

    McGovern with Hunter Thompson (previous post)

  • The Happy Prince

    October 15th, 2012

    (Glenn Gould Goldberg Variation)

    Oscar Wilde by Toulous-Lautrec (via)

    Rupert Everett to make director debut on Wilde biopic

    Hinamatsuri 2012 – Girls’ Day in Japan

    March 2nd, 2012

    Happy Hinamatsuri Day! (Japanese Girls” Day – March 3rd)

    Three performances ” A Girl on Skype”



    Previous Hinamatsuri here.
    Hinamatsuri 2010 (with Blinky Palermo)

    Captive Girls (2009)

  • Update: Hirokazu Koreeda’s new film is called Air Doll or Love will Tear us Apart via (Globus Film Series)

    His 2009 film, Air Doll, examines loneliness through the eyes of a blow-up doll come to life. Bae Doona stars as Nozomi, a plastic sex toy owned by Hideo (Itsuji Itao), a restaurant worker who treats her like his wife, telling her about his day, sitting with her at the dinner table, and making love to her at night. But suddenly, one morning, Nozomi achieves consciousness, discovering that she has a heart, and she puts on her French maid costume and goes out into the world, learning about life by wandering through the streets and working in a video store, always returning home before Hideo and pretending to still be the doll.

    Still Walking – Hirokazu Kore eda (previous post)