Henry Purcell – Indian Queen

We tubed with the help of Henry Purcells Indian Queen.

I fly from the place where flattery reigns.
I hate to see fond tongues advance
High as the Gods the slaves of chance.
What flattering noise is this,
At which my snakes all hiss?

Begone, curst fiends of Hell,
Sink down, where noisome vapours dwell,
While I her triumph sound,
To fill the universe around.

The libretto for Indian Queen, semi-opera by John Dryden and Sir Robert Howard and music by Henry Purcell.

Films with Purcell’s soundtrack.

  • Antique plate click to see large
    The antique willow design plate from our video was made in England (Ashworth & Bros, Hanley, Staffordshire). Found at a garage sale for $1.00. Internet research valued the plate for $100.00.