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End of April – 2021

Friday, April 30th, 2021
  • Happy birthday Jurgen Trautwein

    Other historical figures born on this day –
    Kaspar Hauser

    Alice B Toklas

    Felix Guattari

    Annie Dilllard, Lars Von Trier and Jane Campion,
    Jacques Audiard

    Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30.

  • Interior – Skylight & Three Chairs

    Thursday, June 25th, 2020

  • Photo by Fung Lin Hall

    Skylight Ideas – Home decor

  • Chairs from the doctor’s office – photo by Fung Lin Hall

  • Chorus of Chairs

  • Bat, Elephant, & Dragon Chairs

  • O My Papa (Happy Father’s Day)

    Sunday, June 21st, 2020
  • Happy Father’s Day (Click and find other fathers)

  • Moon and the Coyote

    Saturday, November 7th, 2015
  • 1BloodmoonCoyote
    Moon and the Coyote

    Safari at the Mall

    Photos by Fung Lin Hall

  • Desert Time II- more art here by FLH.

    See more photos from Desert Time album.

  • 1flgreen

    See more
    Apres le Deluge Debris here.

  • Three Oracles and Three Sculptures Snake or Spoon
  • Last Life in the Lens Universe – (with bonus film links)

  • Rainbow Trouts, Jackson Pollack and Birds

    Mission San Xavier Del Bac – New Year in Tucson, Arizona

    Friday, January 2nd, 2015
  • 1MissionTuscon
    (Jan 2, 2014 Photo by Fung Lin Hall)

    See more photos.

  • 1MissionTuscona
    (Jan 2, 2014 Photo by Fung Lin Hall)

  • MISSION SAN XAVIER DEL BAC was founded in 1692 by a Jesuit missionary, Father Eusebio Francisco Kino. It was then that he became the first non-Indian to visit the village of Wa:k, or “Bac,” as he wrote it.

  • Walker, Unicyclist & Yellow Flowers Tree – Arizona Spring Fotos 2014

    Saturday, May 31st, 2014

  • Mysterious walker spotted on two different days. He is a fixture in Tempe and Ahwatukee area.
    He walks for hours every day, resting at a library.

    Most recent sighting of a walker from the car

  • The Walking Encyclopaedia’s Walking Artists of the Day – see Jurgen Trautwein

  • Click to see large photos

    Running <>

    Unicyclist <>

  • See a storyteller cowboy riding backward – (previous post)

  • Parkinsonia
    Photos and digital image by Fung Lin Hall

    Yellow flower tree (Parkinsonia florida Arizona, State tree) and blue trash can among many black trash cans. digital image by Fung-Lin Hall April 27 2014

    (Yellow as Hollow Crown costume)

    7 Javelinas made suprise visit to the neighborhood..trampling these trash cans.

    Two poets/writers were born in Arizona
    Lew Welch Phoenix, Arizona,

    Alice Notley Bisbee Arizona

    R.I.P Paolo Soleri – Architect, Theorist of Archology

    Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

    Remembering Paulo Soleri 1919-2013

    Today the world has lost one of its great minds. Paolo Soleri, architect, builder, artist, writer, theorist, husband, father, born on Summer Solstice, June 21, 1919, has died at age 93.

    Soleri spent a lifetime investigating how architecture, specifically the architecture of the city, could support the countless possibilities of human aspiration. The urban project he founded, Arcosanti , 65 miles north of Phoenix, was described by NEWSWEEK magazine as “…the most important urban experiment undertaken in our lifetimes.”

    Click to see large
    Paolo Soleri used to host Italian night, where he cooked for a few hundred people at Arcosanti. We will miss him and his dinners greatly. We all bought his bells and enjoyed taking visitors to Cosanti or Arcosanti.

  • See young Paulo Soleri at Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesen West. (Design Boom mentions his early beginning with Frank Lloyd Wright)

  • Here are photos from visit to Cosanti in Scottsdale.

    <> <>

    (Click to see large)

    Archology – Arcosanti

    “My position is not reductionist; my position is minimalist. Nothing is or becomes outside the big bang. Each organism is the big bang in action.” Paolo Soleri

    “In nature, as an organism evolves it increases in complexity and it also becomes a more compact or miniaturized system. Similarly a city should function as a living system. Arcology, architecture and ecology as one integral process, is capable of demonstrating positive response to the many problems of urban civilization, population, pollution, energy and natural resource depletion, food scarcity and quality of life. Arcology recognizes the necessity of the radical reorganization of the sprawling urban landscape into dense, integrated, three-dimensional cities in order to support the complex activities that sustain human culture. The city is the necessary instrument for the evolution of humankind.” —Paolo Soleri

    Happy New Snake Year

    Saturday, February 9th, 2013
  • <>
    Photo by Fung Lin Hall
    (Fung Lin Hall’s Snake sculpture made from glued chopsticks – 1974 Honolulu Hawaii – an angel leaning against the ceramic sculptures made in 1980 Miami by Fung Lin Hall )

    Chinese world worries that Year of Snake may bite

    Year of rabbit (Ray Johnson Mona Lisa + pool Rabbit)

    Year of Ox

    Year of Rat (Banksy Rat)

    Porcile and Earthly Delight

    How it was “Snake”

  • Winter Solstice 2012

    Friday, December 21st, 2012

    Painting from watch tower at Grand Canyon

    Click any photo to enlarge.

    Digital Collage and photo from downtown Phoenix

    view from car

    Hermit’s Rest
    South Rim Grand Canyon

    Photos and digital collage by Fung Lin Hall

  • Tragedy at Grand Canyon

    Monday, March 19th, 2012

    R.I.P Ioana Elise Hociota

    ‘She accomplished more in 24 years than a lot of people do in a lifetime and she lived fully,’ Mr Holycross said.(read more )

    She was just 80 miles short of becoming the youngest person in history to hike the Grand Canyon from end to end when tragedy struck, a loose rock some believe, tumbling her 300 feet below.

    She trekked over 850 miles through the canyon’s trails while also ran in marathons, was literate in four languages and recently earned two degrees in biology and mathematics (see more photos here)

    The young bride at 24 years old.

    Immigrating to America with her mother and sister from Romania in 2002, she immediately fell in love with the canyons and hiked them as often as she could

    Mr Holycross has since set up a scholarship in her name at Arizona State University titled the Ioana Elise Hociota Memorial Mathematics Scholarship Endowment which it is still receiving donations for.
    It hopes to assist those by both need and merit base while also available to ‘immigrants who came to America with Ioana-sized dreams,’ it states.

    Thanks to Matthias Kawski for the link.

    Umbrellas of Chezbricks

    Friday, April 8th, 2011

    <> <> kasa1
    Umbrellas of Chezbricks

    <> <> <> <> kasa3


    With flowerbed border 2pink

  • This little bird was very sick, was there motionless for many min.
    Probably a photo of the last day for this bird.
    The Last Day bird

    <> <> <> brickeye

    History of brick installation
    Nov 2008 by Dotdude
    See Spike and Daisy from Jtwine’s blog.

    Iski IPhone

    Friday, January 29th, 2010


    <> skimoi


    The above photos by Alex P. Hall


    One more IPhone pix
    Highest toilet in Arizona

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