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Maria Callas and the Red Chair

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Garage sale find I garagesalechair
Garage sale find II mariscallas
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Red chair and old monaural record album (25 cents) are garage sale finds. Opera lover Spike relaxes to “Norma” while coffee brews in background.

Klaus Nomi loved Maria Callas.

  • (Maria Callas and Pasolini)

  • Following Sun, Moon & MasterBirds

    Saturday, April 18th, 2009

    Sounddex from jtwine spacedoutscreen1
    Jurgen has new sound works – just follow the sound and sight of one screen flickering.
    The second image on his post looks like the I Ching, alas one line too many (7 instead of 6) – that is jtwine’s psychic and spiritual line drawing.

    I have created bird singing (the real deal) in my garden videos for the silent twitterer whose only sound they make is by their 10 fingers. (Follow Milawaukee, follow Osaka) The twitter sounds authoritarian, a few goes to extreme of refusing to follow. The diamond heist artist follows only 10 institutions.
    He twittered,

    Sorry my mind has been spinning for a few months and I’m getting butterflies thinking about the auction.

    The I Ching 17 is SUI the following.

    Sui indicates that you should lead by example rather than just telling everyone what to do.

    Get off your office chair and take a deep breath. Follow and listen to Master Birds, turn up the sound.
    Masterbird on Octillo
    Birds sing for Moon –
    Blind following is evil – the independent minded and enlightened people hate following and followers. However, it is good to follow certain instructions – like follow the signs to the bathroom, otherwise you might get arrested for being a pervert.

    Desert Birdsong

    Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

    Hikari Oe

    is a Japanese composer who has autism. He is the son of Japanese author Kenzaburo Ōe.
    It has been said that Ōe was walking with his parents near his house and heard a bird calling. He imitated the call with great precision. His parents were fascinated. They bought him tracks of bird calls, which he learned. This was how they got the idea to recruit a music teacher for Ōe.

    (Previous post on Hikari Oe and his father Kenzaburo Oe)

    He doesn’t know the world at all
    Who stays in his nest and doesn’t go out.
    He doesn’t know what birds know best
    Nor what I want to sing about,
    That the world is full of loveliness.

    When dewdrops sparkle in the grass
    And earth’s aflood with morning light,
    A blackbird sings upon a bush
    To greet the dawning after night.
    Then I know how fine it is to live.

    Hey, try to open up your heart
    To beauty; go to the woods someday
    And weave a wreath of memory there.
    Then if tears obscure your way
    You’ll know how wonderful it is
    To be alive.

    Anonymous Child
    Written in Terezin Concentration Camp

  • Getting around links one for identifying bird songs, two for images, three for reading, four for more reading.
    Update: A slideshow – A Paradise of Birds in Belize (with great images and sound effect)

    The Owl and the Pussy Dogs

    Thursday, February 1st, 2007

    The Owl

    Werner Herzog found this owl in Mexico, and used the experience to give a sense of absurd and extraneous elements to this scene.

    Island of Lost Dreams – a review of “Signs of Life”

    Showdown Dogmacracy – A couch dogumentary
    Daisy as Hillary Clinton and Spike as Barack Obama. The first chihuahua candidates playing to win.

    Cello in the Desert

    Friday, December 8th, 2006

    One more clip, here.

    Christopher Strone plays bass, cello, piano , mandolin and percussion.

    UK Funny Guys

    Thursday, November 30th, 2006

    We had a brief encounter with three moutain bikers from the UK.

    Three moutainbikers from the U.K

    One more youtube “Nice to meet you.”

    We are in a mood for UK humor and fun.

    “We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now!”

    From youtube, a clip from Witnail and I

    Witnail’s final monologue in the rain

    Click to see The Ten Commandments from Gilbert and George. (Ubuweb movie)
    1 Thou shalt fight conformism
    2 Thou shalt be the messenger of freedoms
    3 Thou shalt make use of sex
    4 Thou shalt reinvent life
    5 Thou shalt create artificial art
    6 Thou shalt have a sense of purpose
    7 Thou shalt not know exactly what thou dost, but thou shalt do it
    8 Thou shalt give thy love
    9 Thou shalt grab the soul
    10Thou shalt give something back

    Something about Art and Cities (or google Gilbert and George)

    David Shrigley selections
    Black Snowman******Life and death******Ignore this building

    Mountain bikers

    Henry Purcell – Indian Queen

    Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

    We tubed with the help of Henry Purcells Indian Queen.

    I fly from the place where flattery reigns.
    I hate to see fond tongues advance
    High as the Gods the slaves of chance.
    What flattering noise is this,
    At which my snakes all hiss?

    Begone, curst fiends of Hell,
    Sink down, where noisome vapours dwell,
    While I her triumph sound,
    To fill the universe around.

    The libretto for Indian Queen, semi-opera by John Dryden and Sir Robert Howard and music by Henry Purcell.

    Films with Purcell’s soundtrack.

  • Antique plate click to see large
    The antique willow design plate from our video was made in England (Ashworth & Bros, Hanley, Staffordshire). Found at a garage sale for $1.00. Internet research valued the plate for $100.00.