Mahjong: Contemporary Chinese Art

Li Shun <>maorouge1
Rouge Flower – Silkscreen and Oil

141 works by 96 artists are represented in Mahjong:Contemporary Chinese Art from Sigg Collection now at Berkeley Museum.

Ai Wei Wei aiweiweicoke Han Dynasty Urn with Coca-Cola Logo (Click to enlarge)

Shi Xhinning duchampmao1Duchamp Exhibition in China. (Another Mao painting by Shi Xhinning)

Here more click through below,

Obssessive Memories – Liu Jiang Hua (In the mood for lost arms and body parts? Wong Kar Wai in porcelain).

Great Walls 2000 Years ago and Restaurant by Miao Xiao Chun

It looks like a landscape Liu Wei, Born 1989 in Beijing – Liu Wei

Wave by Li Song Song
(Mme Mao Tse Tung or Lady Maobeth and scarier than Sarah Palin, Chiang Ch’ing was another no talent actress when she met Mao. )

Chen Zai Yan – Three Famous Xingshu Documents

Hai bo – They Recorded for the Future

Hon Hao Beijing No5

Mostly Mao here for this post, extremely narrow and biased selection, neverthless we must acknowledge that Mao was good for artists.

Yu Youhan yu_youhan1
Insiders View of China’s Art – Kenneth Baker

The collector explained that the Berkeley Museum’s architecture muddled the plan to have 12 thematic sections, which gave rise to the title “Mahjong.”
Uli Sigg: The exhibition concept doesn’t derive from mahjong, but it plays with it. It’s a game with 144 stones and you will have 12 groups of 12 stones. … Mahjong has been played since the Ming Dynasty and today it is played on the Internet, so it has a very large audience. It looks back into the past and also into the future. And the third element is that each time you play, the stones are combined differently, and as the exhibition travels, works will be combined in different ways.

A review from C-Monster

But here at Mahjong was a consumer vocabulary I could understand. There were fun clothes and bright constructivist posters and plastic tchotchkes, all sensationally over-obvious in their message. I wanted to buy, buy, buy!