Shaka Brah

Shaka Brah shakaobama

See another photo of Shaka Brah Obama photo here.

Shaka Brah Blog has surfing photos.

Boro boro is Japanese but it can almost pass as Hawaiian. No I am not talking about Michelle Obama’s controversial inaugural dress designed by Cuban American designer.

Ozu ozu (sheepish) is not Obama’s style. No more Mafia hiso hiso whisper. Da Kine hapa Prez talk good story and wear zori slipper like a good local boy.

The world is waku waku doki doki waiting to see what Obama will do next, our Shaka Brah President!
-waku-waku nervous, excited, trembling-
-doki doki excited, nervous, beating of the heart (esp. in romantic situations)

Obama Hindi Song (youtube) via Amitava

Update.. Obama is Ozu Ozu..(cautious and scared) and hiso hiso (whisper) secretive.