Georg Baselitz

Georg Baselitz baselitznotte(via Gagosian)

Happy Birthday G. B. He is 71 years old today. (Jan 23)

Pace Piece baselitzpace

<> <> <>baselitz2 (via MoMa)

In this group of nine oil on canvas paintings, each over 13 feet high, Baselitz couples Slavic folk motifs with images of his family. He has included himself as a child, his wife Elke – as a girl and as a young adult – his mother Lieselotte, and his father Johannes.
See more paintings here

Update: Jean Paul Belmondo turned 75 on Jan 22, 2009
Jeanne Moreau turned 81 today! Happy Birthday Jeanne. (Previous birthday post for Moreau here)

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